Wood Doors

Modern Doors for Sale is in the business of matching the best solutions for high-end architects, millworks, contractors, door manufacturers and homeowners, especially if the wood door is over the standard size. Our designer doors are lightweight, high strength and can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

Aluminum-honeycomb-panel-applications-retail-fitting-room-panelsInterior Wood Doors

If you’re looking for beauty and elegance in your interior design, the contemporary appearance of your home design is highlighted by your interior wood doors.

Exterior Wood Doors

The first impression that your home makes depends on the appearance and performance of your entry doors, especially the front doors for home and the back door. Due to the low weight of our door solutions you don’t have to worry about your entry door hardware failing over time yielding you (or your client) the best exterior doors ever made that are stronger than steel pound for pound.

Wood Door Styles

We can help your door manufacturer make these high performance doors to appear as any door style, including (but not limited to) stile and rail door, six panel door, single panel door, wood plank door, solid wood door, antique doors, etc…

Large Oversize Wood Doors

large-sliding-door-oversize-office-french-door-slidersAll wood doors over a certain size are a challenge in terms of continued flatness over time. Big wood doors have a tendency to warp and fail. Because they are big, they are also challenging in terms of hardware.

Large heavy doors cause strain on both the hardware and the structure promoting repeated service calls for regular maintenance. This is good for the company selling the wood doors, not so good for the end user.

Our experts at Modern Doors for Sale can help to make certain that your wood door solution is custom-built not to fail drawing on years of experience making doors for everything from under the sea (Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everything in between, we can guarantee your premium door will not warp, bend or twist for 50 years of regular service.

You can buy with confidence secure in the fact that you have the best wooden doors for sale that could have the appearance of vintage front doors while using the latest door technology available today.