Designer Doors

We at Modern Doors for Sale work hand-in-hand with designers, architects, art directors and interior decorators to achieve not only the most beautiful door but the most high performance insulated, lightweight, high-strength, Eco-friendly doors on our green earth.

Contemporary architecture is complimented by the interior design as it interplays with the elegant doors that are stronger than steel pound for pound making them far more effective than just a decoration in your home or project.

We work primarily with high-end homeowners who insist on doors that will not fail under regular use while appreciating our maintenance-free performance in doors that can be guaranteed not warp, bend or twist for 50 years, regardless of the application, if you are using our premium door solution(s) and years of expertise.

Door consultants and interior design schools have come to trust our exemplary performance and contractors have found out the hard way; not to substitute any other door for an architect specified modern-doors-for-sale premium door solution.

We use a patented process that allows us to guarantee our premium modern doors will not warp, bend, twist or fail for 50 years, regardless of the application and/or exposure to the elements or rigorous heavy use.

Types of Doors

Our modern doors for sale can take on the appearance of any door known to man thanks to the fine finish work that is (not done by us) conducted by the most proficient and highly skilled woodworkers, artisans, millworks and craftsmen. We provide them with the best basic door blanks and they create the most beautiful results; each one is an individual work of art.

Our doors can take on the appearance of any door style including:

  • black oak sliding barn doorsFlush door
  • Single-leaf door
  • Double-leaf door
  • Double-doors
  • French doors
  • Fire doors
  • Dutch door (half door or stable door)
  • Saloon doors
  • Cafe doors
  • Batwing doors
  • Gibb doors (blind door, invisible door)
  • Barn doors
  • Composite door
  • Bifold door
  • Sliding doors (bypass door, pocket door)
  • Revolving doors
  • Pivot doors