Full Lite Doors are Becoming a Top Solution

By  Kenneth Burlington

In order to distinguish themselves from others, highest end property owners are looking further and further for styles of doors that compliment other aspects of their structures.  Some of the widely used standby options have been the pivot door, the sliding door, the carriage door, double doors, barn doors, split doors, french doors, pocket doors, secret doors, hidden doors, very large sliding doors, very large pivot doors, and very large pocket doors.  One option not often explored by many professionals is the Full Lite doors. Full Lite doors are a great options because they allow much more light through. With Full Lite doors you save more money on energy, because you are able to take advantage of the sunlight, rather than having to turn on lights from external sources all the time.  Some people have found that they are able achieve up to 3 times more light during daylight hours using using Full Lite doors compared to conventional doors.




Full Lite doors also offer increase visual appeal. Windows in your doors can offer a stunning appearance, no matter which side of the door you are on.  If you are on the outside looking in, the doors appear very impressive. They can offer that exact presence you are looking for in terms of doors in terms of visual appeal from the exterior of the structure.  Full Lite doors beg to be opened, which is why they are so viable in commercial applications, when your doors must sell your products and services better than the competition can. In residential situations, your doors must be inviting, so your guests will feel welcome at your home.  Some types of doors used by our competitors can be intimidating to guests, causing them to turn around and walk away. We have heard reports of people who fled the premises, only to call later to confirm they were actually at the right address. This is a situation most of our customers would like to avoid at all cost.  Full Lite doors are one of the viable options you can use to avoid these situations.


pivot door large pivot best pivot full lite


Full Lite doors work in almost all situations, whether exterior or interior, high end residential or commercial, big or small.  These doors are made with the best construction techniques, utilizing the most advanced design and engineering methods, custom made exactly to your specifications.


We make sure all of our doors meet the highest standards.  According to our tests, our doors stand up to the most rigorous usage.  Because of our exceptional quality control, you can trust our doors more than doors from any other competitor.  Based on data from our customers, doors they purchased from us have lasted longer than doors from any other manufacturer.


Double Pivot doors large pivot doors double doors


We have helped countless customers acquire the best doors they could possibly get a hold of.  Many customers choose the Full Lite option for their patio doors in modern times. We agree that this is one of the all time best options for pretty much all types of entryways.  

The Latest, Cutting Edge Door Styles

By Ronald Holmes


Homeowners and professionals alike have been faced with the ultimate task of selecting the exact door for the purpose of matching their design elements while also providing the appropriate functionality.  It is often thought that the two factors are mutually exclusive. That’s true in some case, but there are well-coveted exceptions involving some of the latest cutting edge door designs.


Many architects have turned to double doors, French doors, half doors, barn doors, hinged doors, carriage doors, trap doors, revolving doors, and cabinet doors in solving pretty much every issue thinkable.  Often, there is no single door style that will work in every single situation. Even Donald Trump requires different door styles to solve his problems.

interior barn doors sliding barn doors black oak insulated sliding wall panels

Builders who use conventional doors often experience a number of issues with warping, cracking, breaking, and peeling.  Problems around the hinges, broken hinges, damaged door frames, and destruction of your precious molding and finish work are proven aspects of conventional door usage, because hinge style doors experience uneven weight distribution, more weight resting solely on one side of the door.



That is why, here at Modern Doors for Sale, we have determined that pivot doors and sliding doors work best in every situation.  Between sliding doors and pivot doors you can overcome virtually any kind of door problem.


Sliding doors are excellent because they don’t swing out into work or living areas like conventional doors do.  Thus, they save precious space compared to many door styles. Pocket doors are also great, because they slide into a secret compartment in the wall, so they are invisible and out of the way when not in use.

interior barn doors wooden barn doors lightweight high strength 50 yr warp free guarantee


Pivot doors can also be a fantastic solution, because they have much better weight distribution compared to hinged doors.  They lend themselves very well to glass front doors and back doors. They also allow for much simpler hardware designs that can be constructed with more stability and elegance than that of conventional doors.

Commercial and high end residential property owners are increasingly looking for designs that add that extra flair to their structures, which is why some are requesting large sliding doors, huge sliding doors, large pivot doors, and huge pivot doors to their arsenals.  Hidden doors and secret doors have also been rising in popularity among the high end segment of the market. Many high profile customers, like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Drake, and Kanye West have opted to use both sliding doors and pivot doors with very good reason.  There is no question, you can achieve doors that are more visually appealing in areas where smooth operation is one of the most important factors.

interior barn doors large sliding barn doors interior design


Don’t forget that pivot doors and sliding doors can be made completely flat and warp free with the best materials on the market.  We also recommend doors that are made in the USA strictly from materials that are sourced 100% from the USA. Only the best doors come with the signature 50 Year Warp Free Guaranteed, which gives you the peace of mind you need when deciding exactly which doors to go with.


Pivot Door

Demand is on the rise for specifying a large pivot door for the main entrance door of contemporary structures, especially high-end residential, commercial, and industrial projects. The pivot door is unique in its presentation and the visitor’s first point of contact and the bigger the pivot door, the better.

The most significant increase in modern doors for sale is in the wood pivot door category, though selecting the right pivot door design and structure are primary concerns in large pivot doors made of wood.

While any standard method of building a pivot door might provide the aesthetic appeal envisioned by the client, designer, or contemporary architect, a large wooden pivot door is most likely to fail not long after installation.

An oversized pivot door made of wood will be the most prone to fail due to warping, bending, or twisting if it is featured in a front door capacity for the fact that it is sourced from mother nature and the exterior pivot door will have one side facing the atmospheric conditions of the weather while the other side faces the structure’s interior. A perfect invitation for trouble, if the goal is to have a pivot door which is straight and true.

Investing in a large pivot door can be expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make such an investment and not have to worry about having your pivot door warp?

Well, now you can rest at ease knowing Modern Doors for Sale has your back because thanks to new patented and patent-pending pivot door technology we can help you make lightweight high strength pivot doors that are fully insulated for climate control and sound deadening capabilities.

And there’s so much more:

50-year Warp-free Pivot Door Guarantee

For the first time, you can have a wood pivot door of any size (up to 50 feet) guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years, including a full structure warranty.

If we didn’t know better, we might think this could not be possible if it weren’t for Peter Sing’s True Flat Team.

Now, you can enjoy pivoting modern doors used as front doors in any door sizes which can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, delaminate, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

You will find our modern pivot doors as astounding representations of true American ingenuity and workmanship as every pivot door is handmade in our manufacturing facility in the pristine Pacific Northwest.

Whether you’re looking for soundproof pivot doors or bulletproof impact pivot doors, we have you covered.

How to Build a Pivot Door

Whether you’re an architect, designer, or avid do-it-yourselfer, you might like to know how to build a pivot door that doesn’t warp. This is for you.

First you start off with a torsion box grid structure made of veneer (be sure to cut the veneer so that you can lay it up with the grain oriented vertically in strips precisely measured for your door thickness) make the grids as small as possible (we use 2×2-inch to 3×3-inch grids). Glue this to the inside of the bottom plywood skin using formaldehyde-free glue. Next glue and fill all the voids of the torsion box with rigid foam and top it off with another layer of glue and exterior skin. Press and let cure/dry at 60 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours. Then sand and trim to perfection.

That’s the DIY do-it-yourself method to create your own warp-free substrate.

Once you have this base pivot door core as your substrate, you can apply any surface material to it to create your own lightweight high strength pivot door.

Or you can let us do all the work for you in our custom door core factory, located in the Great Northwest state of Washington, where every warp-free pivot door is lovingly hand-crafted and made in the USA.

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